Monday, December 5, 2011

To Garland or Not to Garland. The Big Debate.

Well, it's not really a debate, but rather some fun I was having with friends this weekend. We had the chance to attend the Taube's Holiday Tour of Homes this weekend and one thing that came out of it was a discussion on garland. Tacky or not tacky? I actually used it on my mantlescape this season, but I feel I'm safe using the newer, more 'funky' type garland! Plus it sparkles in the sunlight and the kids and I have a blast dancing on the floor and making it shake on the ceiling....but that's another story....

So, on our final stop of the tour, we visited the basement of the Taube in search of some Christmas bargains. I came across some silver garland for $2 knowing I could just do something cool with it. Here is the end result. I also had enough to make a wreath. I'll post pics when I'm finished with that.

If I do say so myself, this garland and my VERY economical Christmas tree decor is getting the thumbs up on the cool meter.

(((one cone tree thing from Joann's at 60% off, a couple strings of my $2 used garland, and two sprigs at .$50 a piece))) WHA-LA!!!!!!! FAB!!!

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