Thursday, May 31, 2012

Old School: v2

Here's another one. I think I drew this in college. The funny thing is that people have been telling me that the man from my previous post looks like my hubby...but I hadn't met him yet! (read into that one) I wonder if this dude will show up in my life somewhere?!?!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Old School

I had quite a trip down memory lane this past weekend as I was looking through old boxes. I found a bunch of artwork from high school. Some things I don't even remember doing! I don't know why, but I found it refreshing. Perhaps it is because I am discovering myself through paint...getting my hands dirty...stepping away from the computer. When I was young, I would get lost in my drawings. I haven't picked up a pencil in years.

And now, for some reason, I feel the need to share a few pieces. It seems so sad that it all just sits in my dark old basement in a pile. Do any of you other artists have piles and piles of old work or am I the only one who hangs onto that stuff?

Just a guy...I have no idea who this is or why I drew it. I usually had a picture from a magazine or something I was using as a resource. I rarely ever drew things without one. (a resource)

I still love this one. I remember how I felt when I did it.

Goodwill Lamps

LOVE the lamps I picked up at Goodwill for the bedroom redo. I had every intention to paint them a bright yellow or orange or turquoise. But I got them home and paired them with these lovely lampshades from Target and I think I may like them they way they are...brass (gasp!).

What do you think? Paint or not?

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Redecorating A Bedroom

I'm so excited that my bedroom is nearly complete. I searched and searched and searched for a perfect bedspread and finally found one. I went back and forth on colors for the walls and finally settled on some. I waited and waited for my curtains to arrive and now all of the pieces are coming together. This past weekend I worked on my gallery wall and I think I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. The only problem is knowing when to stop!

This whole bedroom design has been a complete departure for me. I'm trying to blend colors and patterns; putting things together that I never thought I would. The same applies to this gallery concept. Normally, I would place everything perfectly. Every piece would be evenly spaced and all would be framed with the same color frame. Not this time.

This is the work in progress. I still have a few empty frames and may add a few different details, but how do you think it looks so far?

My Latest Painting

This one is rather small like the previous ones I posted. I think 14" x 11".

Sunday, May 27, 2012

A Departure

I feel as if this one needs a title, but I rarely title my pieces. Maybe it's best to leave it up to your interpretation. Sometimes placing a title can lead you to think one way or another.

Exploring New Avenues With My Paintings

I did a little inner artist exploring this weekend and here is the result.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Enjoying Art Along With The Kids

While I was making my lovely re-cycled painting (see previous post), my little man was right next to me making his own creation. He had painted this canvas previously and decided he would join mommy in a lesson in masking. I absolutely adore how it turned out and have decided that he will be the next featured artist at West Elm (at the age of five). **SMILES**

Making an Old Painting New

I had this piece of artwork that I painted a few years ago hanging in my office and I grew tired of it, so I decided to give it a makeover. There was a similar idea on Pinterest using a masking technique that inspired the transformation. So, one Saturday I got out my stack of Avery mailing labels and proceeded to stick them onto my painting. Then I added a fresh coat of white on top, peeled off the labels and now I have a fresh new design!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Why I Love Garage Sales

Yellow watering can with flowers on the right: nearly $40 at local greenhouse.
Smaller blue watering can with flowers on the left: $2.75 ( 2 $.99 flowers at greenhouse with a $.75 watering can from garage sale)

Granted, there are more flowers in the yellow container and it is larger, but I was still impressed with my ultra-bargain!

One Crib and Its Many Uses

My daughter's crib was recalled, so I knew I couldn't give it away to goodwill. I was bound and determined to recycle it piece by piece and so far I've found a few different uses for it!

Here is the crib before.

PROJECT 1: I took the headboard piece and spray painted it and added chalkboard paint. We don't have a lot of room in the house for it, so it found its place out in the sandbox. It makes a cute little addition and the kids just use their outside chalk.

PROJECT 2: I had to enlist the help of my dad for this one. I just love it when I have the idea and he can come and finish the project! (retired = more time than me!) When we bought our camper I noticed there were no rails on the bunks so that's the first thing I wanted to change. We took the small piece that came with our crib for the toddler bed/daybed portion and used it as a new railing for the top bunk in the camper. Then dad made a ladder by doubling the spindles from the full crib railing. It is rather wide, so it is also useful as a barrier on the bottom bunk so no kiddos fall out!


Friday, May 11, 2012

My Latest Paintings: Part 2

My Latest Paintings

Exciting Things to Come

stack of paintings
I haven't blogged for awhile but I felt pretty inspired today as I thought about some upcoming creative projects I will be working on. I seem to post a lot to my facebook page, but neglect my blog a bit.

First off, a friend of mine wants me to design invites, etc. for her little girl's 3rd birthday party. Projects like these always make me so happy because it is pure creative freedom and FUN! We are going to work together to create her event, but unfortunately I won't be able to stage it for her. It will be fun to see how it all comes together. I will also have my son's birthday party coming up. He informed me months ago that his 6th birthday will be Huskers and everyone will have to wear black or red!

Another friend of mine will soon be moving back into her home, post-flood. She wants me to help her decorate...which also means SHOP! After talking with her (and knowing her) I've decided that she needs an all natural, soothing enviroment with a twist of bohemian! What a great challenge! I have been getting a lot of people hinting that I should decorate for them. I feel a little silly because I am certainly not a trained interior designer but I do enjoy it nonetheless.

Probably the most exciting news as of late is that my paintings are going to get public exposure for the first time in a retail setting. Well, not really 'retail' but they will adorn the walls of a new patisserie/cafe in town. The majority of my pieces are not only decor for the new business, but will be available for sale! I am so blessed that Shanda and Patrick from Sweet & Flour Patisserie have given me this opportunity and my paintings no longer have to sit all alone in the corner of my basement!