Thursday, June 28, 2012

Office Interiors

I've had office interiors on my brain lately as I am helping with a fabulous new office space that is everything a designer could wish for. While the official interior designer planned colors, workstations, furniture, flooring and upholstery, I have the opportunity to consult on all of the remaining decor such as wall art, sculptures, accessories, greenery, photography, etc. I love bringing it all together and I can't wait to show you!! I am so impressed with how this company has really blended their culture with an office space that reflects their personality and actually pays attention to aesthetic! (HALLELUJAH!)

We (the company I work for) are also in the process of trying to find new office space in town, and it has been a real eye opener. There is just nothing available and what is...well, they would all require some major re-no! It baffles me why companies don't care about updating, renewing, refreshing, painting...ANYTHING! Why is brown paneling, mauve wallpaper and faded floral brass framed artwork ok??? Why is bad lighting, gray cubicles, dusty old floral arrangements, floral sprays and wait for it...bordered wallpaper, acceptable office decor?!?!? Are normal people bothered by this or is it just the designer in me? Does anyone even care that they are stuck in the 80's? (probably not)

Anyway, enough of my rant. This brings me to my other point, which is; we have an enormous amount of growth in our community right now and buildings are going up faster than you can blink an eye. While they are mostly new hotels and apartments, some existing commercial properties have taken a step forward to improve their space, too. Outdated and ugly healthcare facilities have bothered me (see previous rant on mauve wallpaper) but it was so refreshing to see Trinity's new CancerCare Center today. Their new lobby is a sight for sore eyes. The addition of a sleek fireplace and a soothing waterfall add comfort in a place where the environment should matter. Cool grays mix with a touch of yellow and patterns and textures blend so nicely together. The addition of the wooden inlay in the ceiling adds a bit of warmth and makes it more cozy. The lighting above the reception desk is bright and modern. And they actually landscaped outside! No, really, they did!! No one wants to be sitting and waiting at a cancer center. But hopefully this new renovation should help the patients feel a little more comfortable.

(disclaimer: while I am not an interior designer, I like to play one on the internet. ha ha)

I love the lights


Love the pattern on these chairs and the mix of light wood with silver

Two sided. Love the stone, too!!

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Jamie Swenson said...

Thanks for posting pictures of the interior of the new cancer center. Was wondering what the inside looked like. Noticed as I drove by the center the other day the yellow rose bushes outside. I was so impressed they included the color of hope.