Friday, June 29, 2012

Repurposing Filing Cabinets Into Planters

I had originally seen the idea to turn your old filing cabinet into a planter here and loved how they turned out. So, the other day I picked up a used filing cabinet for $7 at a garage sale. Honestly, I didn't follow all of the steps that Boopy Projects did. I have no patience for that. I put a board on the one side that was open, filled half of the cabinet with empty milk jugs so it wouldn't have to be all dirt (too heavy) and spray painted it with a copper finish. For a unique touch I added the brown metal shelf to the backside. This was a piece that used to be attached to our gazebo. Since the wind storm destroyed most of our gazebo this year, I figured I would re-purpose what I could and salvaged this piece. The four plates were $1.00 at a thrift store (originally from Pier1) and I may add some candles on top of them. If it only lasts a year, I'm fine with that. For the amount of money I put into it, it is totally worth it! It also acts as a nice half wall on our patio and stops the kids from jumping or falling off the edge.

Filing cabinet turned into copper planter

Back side with a metal shelf added to it

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