Thursday, August 2, 2012

Dreaming of a New Backyard

Last year we bought a house thinking 'more room; lots of potential'. We've already done some basic changes to the interior...soooo much more to do. When summer comes around, though, I like to focus on the outdoor space. I have so many ideas in my head...sometimes too many. When you have a huge blank palette sometimes it's hard to turn it off.

With all these 'plans' I have in my head I forget that my hubby probably can't visualize the things like I can. That's when I turn to the computer. That's when my vision is morphed into an exact image of what I want. That's when I hand it to him and say "Let's get to work." HA! I'm sure he really appreciates all my means more work for him! But, really we have made a pretty good team making things come together.

When we bought the house, the vines had taken over the full length of the fence. While I loved the greenery (and beautiful red color in the fall) they simply became too heavy for the rotting fence underneath. So, step one began with lots and lots of cleaning and clearing away vines. This portion of the yard was also covered in fern growth and weeds so we tried to kill them off as best we could and rototilled a few times to clear the area. We also made a garden area in the process.

Good-bye old fence (I'll find another use for you I'm sure!)

Hello new fence!

This is a photo of my aunt's yard. I fell in love with her landscaping!! That is exactly what I want! So, I combined this with some of the other ideas I had.

This is my first idea ((virtual impression)) using pea-rock as the base

This is my second idea ((virtual impression)) using red mulch as the base

So, now this is where you come in my blogger friends. Which one do you like better? This will also be a high traffic area as the play set is also in this section of the yard. Hubby says mulch. I say pea-rock. Practicality? Looks? Maintenance? WHICH?!?!?


Dusty said...

They all look fabulous Candy! Here's my experience with mulch. I LOVE how it looks, however, if you have it in spaces that are sparsley planted our wind blows it all away and we are constantly adding new mulch.

DailyRX said...

Good to know! I thought mulch under playground=slivers. Hubby says pearock under playground=rocks in noses and mouths. In such a large area, it is sure to blow away I bet. Great advice!

Anonymous said...

Pea rock

Anonymous said...

Pea rock. Safer. Kids can learn

Meryl said...

I was just looking for info about backyards with mulch. Did you end up using pea rock or mulch. We live in a Brooklyn townhouse and need to put something down before we realize the more elaborate dreams in my head.

DailyRX said...

Meryl, we never got that far with our project last year and unfortunately that area is currently under about five feet of snow right now! If we tackle it this summer we will use pea rock. I tried mulch for another project and I don't like how it fades. The kids are used to having pea rock under playgrounds here so I am sure it will be fine.