Thursday, September 20, 2012

Customized Uppercase Living

Uppercase Living is not only for your home! Check out this recent custom image I designed for a break room at a local business! It makes a great visual and incorporates the modern feel that the interior space already has.

If you would like to customize vinyl lettering for your home or business, simply visit my Uppercase Living website (product page) and click Customize. Play with fonts, sizes and's fun! And it makes a unique statement to any space.


Nicole said...

How could I order one just like that?

Candace Brekke said...


If you haven't already, create a username and password and login
Once you are logged in, click on the Products Tab
Click on the CUSTOMIZE graphic in the middle of the page to launch MyDesign Suite
Once you are in MyDesign Suite, on the left bar, there is a link called Saved. Click on that. (Browse)
There should be a link on the left now that says Candace Brekke (the expressions that I have saved)/ Undefined (2). Click on that.

Now you will see the full expression as it was created. A previous version is called "Ackerman-Estvold break room" which uses a now discontinued color. Choose the design with the name "Break Room Decal." It is 56.15 x 56.22. You may copy it 'as is' and send to your cart. Or you may view it and change whatever you wish...fonts, colors, etc.

Each word will come as a separate piece and you will need to follow the example to place it on your wall. It DOES NOT come as a complete figure as shown because this is something I personally designed and placed on the wall that way.

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