Monday, October 29, 2012

Creating An Art Studio

I'm so happy that I am FINALLY making a space for myself to create, paint, craft and do whatever I please!! This is also an opportunity for me to incorporate and display some of my finds and hand-me-downs that I've collected throughout the years. Vintage Chic! I'll post some of my favorite accessories and give you a taste of some old, new and re-purposed things.

Now, my 'studio' isn't fancy or Pinterest worthy. It's simply a space where I can create a mess and it won't matter. Perhaps someday I will have sheet rocked and painted walls, along with a highly organized and finished room, but what fun is that? I would be afraid to sling my paint across the room! I'm hoping the gray cement floor will soon be covered in color...lots of colors!

Here's a peek inside my little creative oasis.

Lovely lamp shade from Lowes.

Painted some old shelves that I can slide my canvases into and stack misc. supplies and then covered the side with this adorable patterned wrapping paper.

My awesome vintage clock from my adapted Grandma Julia!

Old buttons and boxes via a garage sale and my grandma's sewing stash.

My tools....(old coke crate turned into a shelf in the background)

My new letters from a funky new vintage shop in town.

A sale shower curtain ($5 at Target) makes a nice 'wall' and adds some fun to a drab wall. An ode to my graphics background!

Metal wall decor I got at Pier1 years (and years) ago. Love the metal...

Modge Podge. Enough said.

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