Thursday, October 18, 2012

Fall Flashback

I was so completely surprised to open the mail yesterday and find a note from my 6th grade teacher! Now, coming across anything in the mail other than bills always makes me a little giddy. I sometimes miss the good old days of letter writing and card sending. I still receive cards from my aunts and I just love it!

Anyway, this got me thinking about the past and all the time I spent drawing and crafting when I was young. I still can't believe she sent me such a nice note and she even remembered a drawing I did of my name in the shape/colors of a candy cane. For some reason, I don't remember many of my high school teachers, but I look back fondly on a few of my elementary and junior high teachers. I remember her always encouraging me to keep drawing and was so positive about my work. Isn't it funny how one little comment, action or attitude from someone else all those years ago can stick in some one's memory forever?

In 6th grade, it was around this time of year that I was anticipating my birthday and probably making plans for a pool party. I was also saying good-bye to my dad, as he was off to hunt in Montana, as he did every year. So, here's my flashback piece from around that time.

Thanks for the encouragement, Mrs. G. and thanks for making just another October day pretty special.

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