Thursday, December 6, 2012

Built In Laundry Storage

Ok, now I have to brag. Check out the AWESOME built-in laundry storage that my dad just made for our laundry room. Now that dad is retired and has a new home (nothing to remodel there) I get to put his skills to work for the many (((many))) projects we have in our home. It's a win, keeps him busy and I get to cross things off my list and get added bonuses like this custom solution!

The most fun part for me is getting to brainstorm with my dad. I show him stuff on Pinterest, we analyze my space and come up with different ideas. I draw things out, we brainstorm some more and he tells me what logically can and can't be done. He can always visualize things like I can and fortunately, he knows how to deliver when it comes to almost any project.

There is actually a method to our madness with this storage space. My hubby and I bought our house with an unfinished old basement. There was a funny space left between the laundry room and the bathroom. We both saw it as a complete waste of space and thought there must be something we can do to make it more usable. Because of pipes and drains, it wasn't justifiable to knock out the wall on either side so dad knocked out a portion and filled the 'dead space' with these cubbies, all while leaving access to the plumbing surrounding it on the backside.

So, now I have four slots to put my laundry baskets and we will add a rod to hang clothes in the top portion. And it's darn cute.

Way to go, dad!! And thank you. :-)

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Anonymous said...

That is adorable