Thursday, February 14, 2013

Very Simple Valentine Decor

Want to make a simple statement with your Valentine decor? Take any three blocks and add a XOXO with paper cutouts. It literally took me a few minutes. I painted three small canvases prior (you could use wood blocks or whatever you wish) and then cut out the X and heart from plain white paper. I didn't even modge podge them on, because I plan to paint something different on the canvases later. In the meantime, they made the perfect statement on my shelf.

Try using 'non-traditional' Valentine colors to give it a more modern touch.

Extra hint: Keep some of your Christmas decor through the Valentine season by adding this cute little twist. The winter penguins seen on the bottom left of the photo were bought on sale after Christmas. For the month of February, I simply turned them to face each other for a Valentine smooch!

Office Decor

Here is a great little slideshow (click on the link below) featuring some of the accessorizing and decorating I did for Ackerman-Estvold Engineering and Management Consulting. If you recall from this post, I blended a mix of modern with heirlooms from the founder of the family company.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Latest Painting

Birch trees requested. :-)

Thursday, February 7, 2013

MSU's Campus Newspaper Features HOPE HEALS

Here's a great article from the Red & Green, Minot State University's campus newspaper.

HOPE HEALS Makes Its Way To Minot State University

HOPE HEALS is now featured at Minot State University! As an MSU alum and current adjunct instructor, I'm honored that MSU was willing to join in the effort to raise funds for our zoo!

Teresa Loftesness, MSU Marketing Office is currently leading the fundraiser utilizing HOPE HEALS. Instead of the University making the contribution, Loftesness has opened up the opportunity for students, staff, faculty and friends to personally donate.

To make your contribution, please send checks (any amount appreciated) to:

Minot State University
c/o Teresa Loftesness/Marketing
500 University Ave West
Minot, ND 58707

Checks should be made out to the Greater Minot Zoological Society with a notion to HOPE HEALS.

And in other news, it has been announced that our zoo will be re-opening this spring!! I know everyone in the community is anxious to get all the animals back safe and sound and we look forward to spending our summers there once again!

Thanks again for your willingness to help!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Little Cowgirl Birthday Party

Custom design party invite. That 'badge' on top took me awhile, but I am happy with the result.
This is the first birthday party for my daughter that I didn't custom design anything but the invite. No big deal to most...but this graphic designer mommy felt a little guilty for it. But, sometimes in life it's just easier to do what works best for the amount of time you have. After all, my little sweetheart was more interested in the frosting and friends than the custom designed party decor! Here's a peek at some of the party details.

Every girl needs pink boots...

Cupcake toppers were simply square stickers on sticks while the holder was adorned with metal star garland

Vintage Ball jars make great cutlery holders

Details such as stars and patterned quilt patches, along with easy snacks (chocolate Chex)

Simple thank you Yogurt Raisins wrapped in wood scrapbook paper

Using the twine as a holder for cowboy hats and boot suckers

Trail mix, of course! 

Latest Painting

Here's a piece that I actually made for myself. I used illustration board instead of canvas for this one and placed it in a brushed nickel frame for some additional pop!