Thursday, June 27, 2013

Love Me By Curtis Kulig

My co-worker just told me about LOVE ME by Curtis Kulig, who just happens to be her cousin. I love success stories about Minot peeps! I've always said there is so much talent in and from this town. Sometimes we never get to hear about it.

Choose your destiny, people. This guy moved away when he was 19 and apparently blazed his own path. Some of us are meant to move one, while some of us are meant to stay. Whether you are making a statement worldwide, or simply adding a little color to Minot, just keep doing it. Draw if you like to draw. Doodle if you like to doodle. Paint if you like to paint! And while the pressures of being a mom, a provider, a career women, a wife, a volunteer, etc. etc. etc. can get in the way of creativity, embrace those moments when you can just be free with your craft. You never know where it may take you.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Just A Few Pics

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Latest Logo For Gypsy Wagon

I made this logo for a friend of mine who is starting a little side business. Look for Tara touting her 'wares' to a rodeo near you! She does some beautiful bead work!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

My New Perennial Bed

Remember this post where I was dreaming of having a beautiful landscape to replace our old rickety fence? Well, we have been working hard at making that happen and here is the progress! I'm just so excited to have a perennial bed. (and have sooooo much to learn!!) Although, mine is a much smaller scale than my aunt's gorgeous yard, I am still pretty happy with how it's coming along. My aunt has since passed away, but I think she would be proud of our efforts.

I know it's not a professional landscape by any means, but with limited time and budget, it's going to be great! I had initially thought of using pavers and making an actual retaining wall. (a more polished look) but this seems to fit the feel of the rest of our home and yard. Using rocks (that came directly from my uncle's farm!) and wood borders gives it a softer, more natural feel as it compliments the white  picket fence. But do you know the best thing about it? It is right next to my garden and the kids' play area, so I can enjoy it while playing with them! Now, if only summer was much longer. It's a shame to only enjoy it for a few months.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

My Latest Painting

My latest piece. A little more whimsical perhaps? It is for sale and you may contact me for details through my eyecandy page if you are interested.

More Metal In My Garden

You see a rusted old three burner stove? I see an adorable garden accessory/plant holder! YAY! Check out my newest addition to the garden. I still have to add some more plants/flowers to the side, but this is a great piece I got from my aunt and turned into a planter. (( Ignore the mess surrounding it. That's a work in progress. ))

It paired nicely with my metal frog and rustic birdhouse. I'd like to add a little something to the top, too, but with ND wind as strong as it is I don't think I'll take a chance. Hopefully once the flowers grow, it will fill up nicely.

What do you think?

Monday, June 10, 2013

Metal Garden Art and Planters

I've been in love with metal garden art for awhile. There was a little shop in Pepin, Wisconsin that I ran across a few years back that had the most adorable garden art made from old springs, screws, hammers and just about anything metal.

The art form seems to be gaining popularity and recently I discovered two very talented North Dakota metal artists. Their work can be seen here and here.

This is my first purchase from Thomas Ironworks in Bismarck, ND. His little creatures are a true work of art, but double as adorable planters. The pop of color he provides in his pieces is a nice touch. These little whimsical creatures he creates seem to have a personality of their own! I look forward to filling my pot every year with something new!

My favorite of Karman's work is her creations from kitchen gadgets and appliances. I would be more inclined to display her work indoors rather than out in my garden. But each artist has a unique style that I just love!

Next on my creative bucket got it, learn to weld! I can't wait to hit the farm and search for junkin' treasures!!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

My Latest Painting

Click image to enlarge

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

My Latest Painting

Out of frustration and disappointment comes beauty.... I literally was feeling both of these things when I told my hubby, "I have to go paint!" It was a wonderful release and I was very proud of what came out of it.

This piece is the largest one I've done (besides HOPE HEALS) and is measured at 4ft x 5ft.

Titled "You Make Me Happy When Skies Are Gray"

Click on image to enlarge