Wednesday, June 12, 2013

My New Perennial Bed

Remember this post where I was dreaming of having a beautiful landscape to replace our old rickety fence? Well, we have been working hard at making that happen and here is the progress! I'm just so excited to have a perennial bed. (and have sooooo much to learn!!) Although, mine is a much smaller scale than my aunt's gorgeous yard, I am still pretty happy with how it's coming along. My aunt has since passed away, but I think she would be proud of our efforts.

I know it's not a professional landscape by any means, but with limited time and budget, it's going to be great! I had initially thought of using pavers and making an actual retaining wall. (a more polished look) but this seems to fit the feel of the rest of our home and yard. Using rocks (that came directly from my uncle's farm!) and wood borders gives it a softer, more natural feel as it compliments the white  picket fence. But do you know the best thing about it? It is right next to my garden and the kids' play area, so I can enjoy it while playing with them! Now, if only summer was much longer. It's a shame to only enjoy it for a few months.

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