Thursday, August 22, 2013

Color In Our World

North Dakota color palette

School days are just around the corner. Which means fall. Which means winter...UGH! I am not ready for our color palette to change. Have you ever thought about how color affects your every day life? Think about this for a minute. In North Dakota this year, we didn't even have a spring so I didn't include that in my graphic. (sad) Basically 7-8 months of the year the environment around us consisted of the bottom palette. Compare that to the 2 months of summer and 2 months of fall, give or take. By the time May comes around each year I am literally CRAVING color!! Now think about this: we change our decor and we change our wardrobe based on season. Soft pastels to welcome spring, bright bold splashes of vivid colors in the summer and warm tones of orange, yellow and brown once autumn arrives. Maybe we should re-think that. Perhaps this year I shall paint my pumpkins lime green, purple and turquoise and surround myself this winter with hot pink!

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