Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Decorating A Dollhouse: A Mommy-Daughter Date Night

Last night was the night to decorate my daughter's dollhouse. I actually picked this up at an estate sale unfinished and vowed that we would paint it and spice it up a bit! Her and Grandma painted the outside and last night was our night to finish the inside together.

We've been mixing paints lately and learning color combinations so I usually have her start with just the primaries and white and black. Naturally she went for red and white and exclaimed that the inside shall be pink! (Of course it should!) So, she was in charge of the paint job. Then she announced that I should finish the decorating and surprise her while she took a bath. (Note: bath time is not enough time to 'finish' a dollhouse!)

But I was able to get a quick decorating job done. ;-) When bath time was over, she came to see what I had done. She gasped, "So cool!" So I guess I did ok.

Here is the start of our project and the progress we've made so far. The additions made during bath-time were scrapbook paper and modge podge. We may just add some curtains tonight!

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