HOPE HEALS is a mixed media commemorative painting created in honor of the one-year anniversary of the Souris River Flood in Minot, ND. It was introduced at the Minot Convention and Visitor's Center during the Summer of Hope event in June of 2012.

"As I looked around my community and saw all the families and businesses that were devastated by the 2011 flood, I felt the need to give encouragement and inspiration through art. People in Minot and the surrounding area have made great progress in re-building their lives. By using images and headlines from the summer of 2011, my intent was not to conjure up bad memories, but rather to remind people of how far they have come since then; to perhaps provide some hope," says Candace Brekke, creator of HOPE HEALS.

Images, headlines and stories from the Minot Daily News were used to create the letters HOPE, telling the story of a remarkable time in Minot's history. HEALS is presented on the bottom as a sign that the community is moving forward and healing day by day.

In an effort to engage local businesses and raise funds for Roosevelt Park Zoo's recovery, Candace placed the piece on a traveling exhibit.

"I am not tied to the zoo in any way, but it's a place in Minot that my family loves. We really miss the zoo and my kids miss the animals, so hopefully this is a small way I can help in their rebuilding process."

Any business that would like to display the painting for one month is asked to make a contribution in honor of HOPE HEALS to the Roosevelt Park Zoo, with the suggested amount of $500.

HOPE HEALS has been on display at Sweet and Flour Patisserie in Minot, Jost Masonry and Construction in Burlington and Kelly Chiropractic in Minot. These businesses were all damaged by the flood themselves, yet they were willing to make a donation in honor of this piece. In February and March, the artwork was at Minot State University in the bookstore display window where faculty and staff personally donated toward the cause. Next, the painting hung in the main lobby of Town & Country Credit Union of Minot and it's last stop was at the Taube Museum of Art during the member participation exhibit.

Currently, you can view HOPE HEALS at Ackerman-Estvold Engineering and Architecture in Minot, ND. 

This is a mixed media acrylic on canvas, size 4 feet x 5 feet.


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