Rockin' it!

No, I did not start #MinotRocks, but I'm sure glad someone did!

It was last October when I friend of mine showed me this article and we began thinking how we could bring this to our city, specifically how we could involve kids and spread some excitement about the much anticipated Magic City Discovery Center in Minot. We met a few times, discussed a few different ideas but then came upon a page called #MinotRocks that had already begun a similar mission.


From there, I wanted to get on board. Their mission was simple; spread kindness.


"We are painting rocks to hide around Minot to brighten people's day. Join us! On the back of your art work please write: "Minot Rocks" with a hashtag or a Facebook symbol! You can also write "re-hide me." If a rock screams at you, by all means keep it forever. The goal is to get lots of people painting." -Jessica Marie Hines, Group Admin


As my art-loving mind is always in high gear, I thought that this could not only be a nice way to make someone's day, but also a way for people to appreciate art! I figured everyone should have a piece of art, no matter what medium it's delivered. So, I began painting on rocks and dubbed my rocks as pieces of #rockcandy. (a play off eyecandy) By adding that specific hashtag it was a way to let people know that they had found an original from me. I encouraged them to keep it as a piece of art for themselves.


In the short time since I started painting on rocks, the #MinotRocks page went from a little over 100 to now nearly 1,500 group members. I am so thankful to the person that started this. I still haven't met her. But I want her to know that she has done something pretty great for this community and I am so happy to be a small part of it. Children, adults, artists and non-artists...everyone is getting involved. And you know what? It is not only encouraging kindness but it is putting a paint brush or a marker in someone's hand that may not have otherwise done so.


The #MinotRocks project has encouraged art, family time, getting outdoors, visiting our parks, and just an overall good feeling during a time when our communities need it. For me, personally, I have taken some much needed time for myself to create. I 've remembered what it was like to just take an hour to draw. I have explored a totally new medium. I have used completely new tools that I've never used before. (paint pens, gel pens) I've taken the time to steady my hand with intricate designs while calming my mind. And I have found an inner peace in this mission, whether I'm writing encouraging words on rocks and leaving them for stranger, or I'm keeping the rocks for myself.


Take a look at some #rockcandy that I've designed.


I encourage you to visit and participate in #MinotRocks on Facebook. Enjoy the pieces that others have created and the smiles on their faces when they discover and share on the group page.


This is not a Minot-only iniative. It has been spreading across the country. Here is where the #kindnessrocks began.